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About Me

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After entering the prestigious Art school in Milano at the age of 17, Alé quickly became famous in the art world by exposing his paintings in Milano & Paris. At the time Jarl Alé was influenced by and had knitted close ties with the artist: maestro Lucchi Renato Chiesa; considered today as the 'last Surrealist painter'.

Between 1985 and 1987, Jarl Ale's mentor was the notorious Andy Warhol himself, who gave him the taste and the passion of photography and Audiovisual. His experiences were a gateway into the world of Art, passing by the recognition of the Metropolitan Museum of New York! which lead him to meet the fashion designer Claude Montana and with whom he experimented for the first time painting on leather clothes - Jarl Alé went far and honed this method by making fabric sculptures.

With all this exposure & intimacy with the art & fashion world, Jarl Alé developed an acute sensitivity to both of these realms, by robing himself in the role of artistic director and creating a 'die Brücke' (the bridge ) between the two. This vision of the business was a life changing experience & a click for Jarl Alé. He realized it was his vocation and allowed him to navigate between trends and to control the fashion collections. Then he went to Los Angeles with the perspective of creating a photo studio and fully taking on his role of art director. It was there that he collaborated with people of the movie industry and co-produced the movie "Searching Debra Winger" directed by Patricia Arquette. This enabled him to encircle himself with spotlighted Hollywood stars such as Jane Fonda, Laura Dern, Salma Hayek or Sharon Stone. Meanwhile, via an interview given in the Londoner celebrity magazine: "Hello Mag", Jarl Alé launched the hype & trend of wearing equine boots and trousers.

Recently back in Paris, Jarl Alé has created his own brand which depicts the French Couture and Luxury at its best.

Jarl Ale the "VIII" de Basseville is the designer and art/creative director of "Jarl Ale VIII"/ 8. ( akka createur de tendances )

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

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